Seniors' Day Discount Details

What is Seniors’ Day?

TSC Stores is now offering an exclusive discount to Seniors. Seniors can now receive 20% off of regular priced items at TSC Stores on the last Tuesday of every month.


Who is eligible?

Any TSC Stores customer who is 55 years of age or older. Proof of age may be required at checkout.


Are there any exclusions?

The discount applies to in-stock, regular priced products only. Exclusions include clearance, animal feed, salt, hot buys & ammunition. The discount can’t be combined with any other offer or discount.


What if a product is featured in the flyer?

If a product is featured in the flyer, the better price will be honoured. Cashiers will determine what has the better savings and scan the product through with the larger discount.


What if I have a commercial account with TSC?

The discount cannot be applied to an existing account balance. However the discount can be used on any future purchases during Seniors’ Days on a charge account.


Can I use my discount for gift cards?

The Seniors’ Day discount does not apply to the purchase of third party gift cards, E-gift cards or TSC gift cards.


When can I use the discount?

TSC Stores Seniors’ Day Discount is offered on the last Tuesday of each month. Seniors’ Day will be promoted on our website as well as in our flyer. The discount is valid only on the specified date.