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3.5 star
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- Super heavy duty light and flexible polyurethane.
- Cold weather rating-50C.
- Abrasion resistant polyester lining
- Insulating removable PU insole
- Rubber outsole
- Composite toe and plate
- 100% Metal free

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TSC Belleville

Apr 01, 2020

3 star


Bought these boots at TSC Belleville bc MANY told my husband worth it. $229.00 was way too much, so waited until on sale for $159.00. Were fantastic, husband typically went through 4 pairs of rubber and 4 pair of work boots a year, without a boot compensation or allowance. These certainly were worth over and beyond the cost of 8 pairs of boots as mentioned prior. Right on the two year mark, the heel split right at the "kick off lug". Contacted TSC and informed us 60 days only through the store to contact the company. I contacted company as I still had the box and the receipt. Have not heard from them. Email response stated will get back to you asap. Our negligence not checking into where these boots were made. NOT in CANADA ! As good as they have been, they shouldn't have split on the heavy duty reinforced heel kick off. Disappointed that I have not heard back from the company. Disappointed TSC has 60 days only , and disappointed in ourselves for not buying Canadian made product
TSC Rockland

Mar 26, 2020

4 star

Excellent boots for everything

Great boots. Excellent in mud, snow, whatever. Very warm, even if your feet get wet from snow falling in, the water will warm up and your feet will stay warm in a way similar to a wet suit. Sometimes slippery in very cold weather on ice. Not flexible at the ankle ,so gas pedal is trickey. Sun destroys them, so after 3-4 years they will crack and need to me replaced. Good value.
TSC Walkerton

Jan 27, 2020

1 star

Poor value for money

Super comfortable boots that do a great job keeping your feet warm. Unfortunately the heels splitting is a serious issue. First pair split and returned under warranty and we assumed it was a flawed boot. But second pair suffered the same fate. So definitely not worth the money 🙁
TSC Kitchener

Dec 23, 2019

5 star

6 years gone strong

Bought these boots 6 years ago, used them for winter forestry work and snow removal for about half that time. They make awesome winter boots for work; warm and light. Now I do utility work - water main and service repairs. So I wear these in the mud, shin deep in water and muck battling busted pipes. Seriously the best boots I ever wore. Waterproof and sturdy as a brick house. Lot of guys complain about lack of flexibility at the ankle, which is true, but the trade off is you get a lot of structural stability around your foot. So when the mud gets real heavy and your feet are buried up to the shins you still get all the blood flow to your toes - your feet don't get crushed like they do in softer boots. Every contractor and water/sewer worker I know swears by these boots for trench work. *I hit mine with a hydrovac lance last week, blew a chunk of rubber out of the toe, packed it with JB Weld over night and they healed up fine.
TSC Strathroy

Nov 09, 2019

3 star

Too Expensive When Not On Sale

Giant Cracks in Heels found at the two years mark, quite a few hours in them over that time. So good performance if you picked up the boots on sale for $80 Very warm. Extremely stiff, but now that I am used to them everything else feels uncomfortable, non-protective, and just floppy. I would recommend picking up a pair at under $90, even maybe all the way up to $150 is a reasonable price, but would never recommend paying the full listing price, they simply do not last long enough, and they do not come with any guarantee.
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