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Know how Farmers work hard in the fall to Winterize and Prepare for Spring
Let’s face it…Canadian winters are arguably the harshest in the world. In parts of the northern prairies, it can get down to minus 20° for weeks on end. The ground freezes solid, even in Southern Ontario.
Growers and producers across the country generally use the time after harvest is completed to prepare for spring. Jake Leguee, a Saskatchewan farmer, and Larry Thomas, an Alberta cattleman, each have unique protocols that they follow.
Know how Wild Boars are a threat across the Prairies and Beyond
How many wild boars are roaming the prairies? No one knows – not even Dr. Ryan Brook, associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan, who leads the only wild pig research project in the country.

“We have this overwhelming pile of data showing we have a lot of pigs, that they’re reproducing at alarming rates, and that they are spreading quickly,” he said. “The only thing we don’t have yet is a population estimate.”
Know the Future of Farming and its Potential
I remember the day I pulled the first radish out of our farm, The Harvest Hub. It was vibrantly purple, glorious in size, fresh, crunchy, and juicy. Frankly, it was perfect. “Easter Egg” radishes, the seed package said. All of a sudden, I had pounds and pounds of radishes and knew instantly that the indoor soil-based farming equipment invention that my husband had created – worked. This was our first real crop grown in the dead of winter, in our heated garage. I rejoiced, and so did my neighbors I’m sure. They all probably thought we had an illegal (at the time) cannabis operation ongoing. “No, just vegetables,” I remember saying to one of them.
Know the Importance of Unplugging from Technology and how to do it
Canada is amazing. We have maple syrup, open prairies, and Nanaimo bars. We are also one of the most wired countries in the world. According to Statistics Canada’s Internet and Digital Technology study, “Nearly all Canadians under the age of 45 use the Internet every day.” All the technology that has become commonplace can create technostress, feelings of anxiety or stress caused when dealing with computers, cell phones, navigation devices, e-readers, and all the other gadgets that have invaded our lives.
How to make Rhubarb Cobbler
First, gather everything that you need for both stages of the recipe:
Know how Fuel Price increases affect Retail Food Prices
While everyone from farmers to consumers feels the pinch of higher fuel prices, whether it be when the fuel truck pulls into the farm yard or at the local retail gas pumps, the fact is that variable fuel prices have little impact on the price of food — not directly anyway.
Know how Cover Crops Boost Soil Health and Pay Dividends
Cover crops are spreading, as farmers see how growing an extra crop in a year can help them cut their environmental footprint and improve their land. A cover crop doesn’t always show a profit the year it’s grown, but the practice is winning converts, even in areas where drought is a constant threat – because they boost soil health, increasing soil organic matter, and helping to beat pests.
Know what AMR is and how policy changes affect the use of Antimicrobials for Livestock
Late in 2017, Health Canada introduced a package of regulatory and policy changes to strengthen the veterinary oversight of the use of antimicrobials in animals.

Most impactful to animal owners and producers is the policy that moved all medically important antimicrobials (MIAs) to the prescription drug list. Effective Dec. 1, 2018, all use of MIAs requires a prescription from a registered veterinarian, and over the counter sales are no longer permitted. This includes injectable, in-water and in-feed antimicrobials.
How to make Apple Cider & Honey Roasted Lamb Leg
Apples and cider go wonderfully with lamb. The apples break down on cooking and help thicken the sauce. Olive oil and honey give the lamb an exquisite taste. Particularly good recipe to enjoy at a formal gathering during the fall or casually with your friends and family!
Know how Hearing Protection is used and its Importance
Before we got our farm, I had purchased a sweet little lawn tractor that made less noise than a sewing machine. With winter coming, it was time to cover up and a cab was purchased and installed. Along with the protection from the elements came an increase in noise and a ringing that developed in my ears to the point that hearing protection was now part of my equipment, while in use.
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