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3.5 star
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  • Features
- Built with lightweight, insect and rot-resistant FIR lumber
- Non-Toxic waterproof shingles
- Enclosed hutch area with hinged roof access
- Attached double nesting box with lockable lid
- Pullout dropping pan
- Spacious outdoor run with large access door
- Enclosed and outside environment
- Designed for 4-5 chickens
- Dimensions - 46” x 80” x 31”

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Mrs Shoes
TSC Winkler

May 04, 2016

3 star

Over Priced & Corners Cut

Instruction sheet was unclear (useless), & some predrilled holes did not line up. TINY. Even for just our 3 layers an extended run is an absolute necessity. I love the easy to clean, slide out floorpan. However, because the roost bars are set barely 2 inches above the pan, there is only room for 1.5 inches of bedding underneath. The nest boxes are a good size, but the dividers are flimsy. Love that the nesting box roof opens up for collecting eggs, but the hinges are flimsy & did not meet the structure on one side so we had to add our own small washers to buck it up. On the roofing pieces the shingle material just barely folds over the edges, in some places gapped, & required us to add staples & caulking. 2 inches more material would've made a big difference for pennies. The shot-bolt latches are FLIMSY & needed swapping out for sturdier security. The white trim pieces needed a coat of paint (came out of the box scuffed & soiled). Full price is too much. Fair price? $250 tops
TSC London East

Apr 02, 2016

3 star

pieces missing and or ill fitting smaller then expected

Took me most of a day to figure this one out.Started with the nest case. drill holes not lined up. took a lot of time to figure all the pieces out because of this (thinking I made a mistake). Finally drilled new holes and started to put together. The roof same problem hardware on the wrong spot pre installed so the roof did not fit properly. Finally; nice product once put together properly and improved in some ways. Not suitable for winter in Canada. I will have to bring to whole thing into my garage or so.
TSC Simcoe

Oct 17, 2015

5 star


Easy to assemble and not really huge. The tray is easy to clean off and the trap door works well enough. I put it on a 2X6 frame with 8" lawnmower wheels so my hens get a new patch of grass every day.
TSC Milton

Oct 15, 2015

2 star

Not overly impressed

The coop isnt too bad. We got it for 5 chickens however found it was way to small to house 5 chickens comfortably. We built a much larger coop and moved our hens into the new coop. We use this as our chick coop until they are larger and moved into the larger coop. However just tonight the roof blew off of the coop with light wind and rain. Luckily our 2 chickens who were living in it were still inside when I found out. They had bunched in the nesting boxes to keep warm and stay out of the rain. Not something I would trust seeing as we havent even had the coop for more than a year. Made with cheap wood that clearly breaks way to easy. Also needs to be caulked etc to prevent bad drafts in the winter.. Save your money and build a larger coop! Your chickens will truly thank you in the long run with nice brown eggs!
TSC Woodstock

Sep 27, 2015

4 star


Bought this on sale to use for a cat enclosure and we love it. Our cats love it. We built a run, to add on to it and now they have more room to run. Keeps them safe. It takes a little while to assemble. I had 2 people helping to figure out how to put it together. If you're good at building and assembling things you shouldn't have much trouble. I think it would be ideal for someone wanting to have laying hens.