COB Solar Motion Light
COB Solar Motion Light
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COB Solar Motion Light
4 star
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COB Solar Motion Light
Use the power of the sun to light dark areas and add extra security with the Sunforce COB LED Solar Motion Light. This light automatically turns on when motion is detected and comes equipped with super-bright white LEDs, ensuring reliable lighting power for whenever, wherever you need it.

COB LED motion light
Solar panel with 15 ft. (4.5m) of wire
1x Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Mounting hardware

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TSC St. Jacobs

Jul 21, 2018

5 star

Review for 45 LED Motion Sensor Light (not COB unit)

I installed this light at the cottage in 2016 and still great in 2018. Setup and installation were relatively simple though the manual is unclear. Trial and error told me which way to go for sensitivity and time length to stay on auto sensor. Purchased the solar light because the area around the shed is dark on moonless nights. I don’t have an exterior light on the shed and the alternative is to go inside the cottage to turn on the outdoor light that consumes 240 watts of power when on. There’s no alternative when I am arriving late at night after a prolonged absence when I have the power to the cottage turned off. I appreciated this light is when I arrived late at night. The solar light activated and provided sufficient light to park, find my way around to the cottage and turn the power on. It is also very handy as I don’t have to turn on outside lights to unlock and open the shed any more. Highly recommended to light up dark areas with no other power source.
TSC Bradford

Feb 11, 2018

2 star

Good for the summer

Like others said, the battery or something performs poorly in the cold. You can barely see the light at -10C. I have a multi light LED light made by the same company at the other end of the building and it works great in the cold
TSC Bowmanville

Jan 23, 2018

2 star

Not reliable.

My review is much like tess. I bought two of these this fall, and installed one on the back of the house and the other at the cottage to light up the entrances. They worked well for a couple of months until the cold came in. They both keep going on and off during day, and night, I wasn't sure if they were working anymore till this past weekend and they both worked as they did in the beginning, for a day. Milder temps perhaps? Not a reliable source of lighting.
TSC Woodstock

Jan 08, 2018

2 star

Worked for a while

Bought two of these this fall, and installed in yard. They worked briefly, settings difficult to adjust properly. One kept going on and off during day, and night, until battery wore out. Neither recharge unless it is sunny -- even lightly overcast won't do it. Neither working at all now, in winter, when I really need it. i bought one of the lights with the 100-COB array. Even though more expensive, it was worth it. works well even when overcast all day. Turns on and off with human motion, not with ghosts.
TSC Bowmanville

Jun 10, 2017

5 star

Great Buy

Just needed light on a door and on a garden path, sensor activated. It's not installed, one is sitting on a table and the other is hanging in a tree. Super easy! Works great, straight forward settings, seems durable. Will pick up a few more for other places in the yard/drive.
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