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The Bees are a 1.5 KG(approximately 10,000 bees) Package coming from Brown’s Bees out of Australia. These Bees are from an area known to not have varroa mites.

Each 1.5KG package of bees comes in a wooden box with mesh screens on the side, a half-cut plastic bottle with bee feed to make the trip across the ocean.

The queen is in a separate enclosure with a candy plug.  In some cases, she will be marked with a coloured dot on her head. She is also recognizable by different characteristics. She will be much larger and darker than the other bees.

Benefits & Details


The Italian Bee(Apis mellifera ligustica) is the most commonly kept variety of honeybee. They are a great choice for beginners because they tend not to swarm and have gentler dispositions. Italians are yellow-brown in color with dark bands and they have the habit of building large colonies that produce tremendous honey stores. This increase in colony size often starts early with increased brood rearing, becasue of this, colonies may require feeding over the winter.

All things considered, while less time intensive, these bees do require a keeper to be vigilant of their health. If you take care of them, these bees will reward you with a bounty of honey.

Know How


How to Get Started with Backyard Beekeeping

  1. Prep Your Hive(s)
  2. Choose a Location for Your Hive(s)
  3. Install Your Bees
  4. Feed Your Bees
  5. Add an Additional Deep Hive Body
  6. Test for Mites
  7. Place a Queen Excluder above the Brood Box
  8. Add a medium (or deep) super to the hive
  9. Harvest the Honey!
  10. Winterize Your Hive(s)

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