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Terrific Tips for the Beekeeping Beginner
Beekeeping is more than just a fun hobby; taking proper care of bees can have a positive effect on your community and the plants that rely on these insects for pollination. Have you always been fascinated by the idea of beekeeping but didn’t know where to start? Keeping bees isn’t a difficult task, but it does take preparation and finesse to keep your hive alive. Before you can be a beemaster, you should follow these beekeeping tips to sharpen your skills.
Know how Wild Boars are a threat across the Prairies and Beyond
How many wild boars are roaming the prairies? No one knows – not even Dr. Ryan Brook, associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan, who leads the only wild pig research project in the country.

“We have this overwhelming pile of data showing we have a lot of pigs, that they’re reproducing at alarming rates, and that they are spreading quickly,” he said. “The only thing we don’t have yet is a population estimate.”
Know what AMR is and how policy changes affect the use of Antimicrobials for Livestock
Late in 2017, Health Canada introduced a package of regulatory and policy changes to strengthen the veterinary oversight of the use of antimicrobials in animals.

Most impactful to animal owners and producers is the policy that moved all medically important antimicrobials (MIAs) to the prescription drug list. Effective Dec. 1, 2018, all use of MIAs requires a prescription from a registered veterinarian, and over the counter sales are no longer permitted. This includes injectable, in-water and in-feed antimicrobials.
Know how service dogs are a lifeline
About 40 percent of Canadian homes include at least one dog, and most of them provide physical and mental health benefits – but a growing number of dogs are a lifeline for their humans, giving stability, independence, and even safety.

Service dogs, once limited to working with blind or visually impaired people, now work with people with limited mobility, deaf people and those with mental health issues. Receiving a service dog can be life-changing, whether the dog frees a person from the need for a constant human helper or acts as their eyes or ears.
How to Prepare for Ice Fishing
A growing number of people are discovering ice fishing. Summer fishers enjoy the opportunity to catch bigger fish and firmer, whiter flesh in the pickerel, whitefish and others they keep. Others come for the social time for family and friends and a way to enjoy a winter activity outdoors.
How to Attract Winter Birds
Winter offers tremendous opportunities to see another kind of songbird that doesn’t need to migrate south for the season: abundantly colourful winter finches are more than happy to stay in Ontario all winter, where they have ample berries, cones and seeds to keep them well-fed.
How to Get Started Raising Chicks
When raising your own chickens, you will know where your food is coming from and what went into the meat and/or eggs.
How to Keep Bees
Our food sources depend on it! Berries, apples, almonds and cucumbers are just a few of the delicious foods that are pollinated by bees.

Honey is Delicious! A single hive can produce up to 100 pounds of honey in a year.