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4.5 star
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  • Features
- Cat. 1. Three point hitch
- 540 rpm PTO
- 360 degree rotating hood
- Automatic feeding
- 1 fixed blade, 4 rotating blades
- Hardened blades
- Adjustable chute deflector

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TSC Belleville

Sep 26, 2018

5 star

If it fits, it chips.

Have had this chipper for over a year, running on a compact JD tractor with ~24PTO HP. I have over 40 hours of chipping time on the unit so far. Overall, it is an excellent value for the money. It will chip anything that is not suitable for firewood without complaint. When I first got it, wasn't sure how capable it was, so tossed in a few twigs, then branches then some small sticks. 5 minutes later I was chipping 2"x8" and giggling like a 10 yr old. My neighbour recently had a 4'diameter weeping willow blow down, and we chipped everything that was 3" or smaller. An entire weekend chipping branches. In a year of owning this, I have had 2 times when it clogged (spruce branches) and I had to straighten the twig breaker shortly after I got it. Other than that it has been trouble free and does an excellent job of condensing limbs into chips. As an upside, I now have wood chip mulch around the base of every tree in the yard, reducing my trimming time substantially
TSC Hyde Park

Feb 09, 2017

4 star

Reaonably Satisfied

So far so good. Got about 4-6 hours use on it. Mostly soft woods (maple) so far.. it works as expected. I tried some hickery, it made it work/chatter. Also tried spruce, it tends to clog up in the chute. Only beef is related to the upper deflecting shoot... need to close the gap so the chips, and small branches do not get caught up in the gap.
TSC Mount Forest

Nov 09, 2016

5 star


We have lots of trees on our lot and lots of branches in the Spring and Fall. I have been using this Chipper for the entire year and it does a great job. I bought it on sale and was a little worried based on the price. It has far Exceeded my expectations. I have even let a neighbor us it and now they are buying one.
TSC Rockland

Jul 09, 2016

3 star

Not a bad unit for the price

I have about 1.5 hours of use on it, works OK; really pulls the branches, small trees in due to knives being on slight angle. Dead hard wood is hard on this unit; perhaps the reason why is that the fly wheel is a little crooked meaning, once the cutter bar was adjusted to the closes knife as per instructions and specs, two other knives are at approx. 3/16" and1/4" away from the cutter bar. Cutter bar is also adjusted at max and there was some weld in the way which I needed to grind off to get to cutter bar closer to the knives and to it's max adjustment. This unit is made in China, small imperfection here and there; make sure to tighten all the bolts. PTO shaft is heavy duty; had to cut off nearly 11 inch. I have 18hp on the PTO and works ok, more hp would probably be better. Overall, not a bad unit for the price.