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- Controls germinating dandelion and large crabgrass in established lawns
- Helps build a thick, healthy green lawn
- Helps prevent the germination of dandelion and large crabgrass seed in lawns where established perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass is predominant
- Apply to established lawns twice a year once in the early spring 2 weeks before weed seed germination, and once in the late summer or early fall after heat stress has passed
- Do not apply the product on newly seeded grass as it may inhibit seeds from germinating, wait until after first mowing when the grass root systems are established
- If over-seeding or re-sodding in the spring, do not apply the product in the spring

How to Use
1. SET - Set spreader to appropriate setting for best results. Spreader settings can be found on back of bag or on
2. APPLY - Fill spreader and apply to your lawn. Apply when soil is moist and when rain is forecasted within 2 days of treatment. If rainfall does not occur within 2 days of treatment, irrigation is required. Excessive moisture at time of treatment may reduce the effectiveness of the product. 3. CLEAN UP - Lawn can be re-entered immediately after product is applied. Return unused product to original container. To prevent product from staining hard surfaces or reaching storm sewers, sweep or blow any stray particles back onto lawn area. Do not clean spreader over hard surfaces or near storm drains.