MEET ANDREW CAMPBELL Andrew is a third generation farmer from Southern Ontario, milking Holsteins and growing corn, soybeans, wheat & hay at the family farm (Bellson Farms). After his campaign in 2015 to send out a picture a day via Twitter to show life on the farm (#Farm365), he’s now visiting a farm a week across Canada to show where our food comes from. Follow us weekly as we share Andrews’s videos and give you a glimpse into the life of dedicated and hard-working farm families.
Week 50: Egg Nog Farming
Location: Sheldon Creek Dairy

For the den Haan family, dairy farming has been a way of life for a long time. But then in 2012, the farm changed. Instead of having all of their milk shipped to another processor, they started processing their own whole milk and chocolate milk. And then they added yogurt, and strawberry milk, and egg nog and more. Come along for a farm tour to find out what goes into making dairy products right on the farm.

Location: Norfolk County, Ontario

Watch Andrew as he meets Carrie Woolley and discusses how sheep are raised on apple orchards.

Location: Niagara Region, Ontario

Watch Andrew as he meets Jake Pelissero and his flock of laying hens. They discuss what is involved in taking care of his hens, and where you might find his eggs.

Location: Brantford, Ontario

Watch Andrew as he meets Jan and his 22 acres of cucumber farm. They discuss the growing process and the pros of greenhouse growing.

WEEK 4: Spring Valley Boer Goat Farm
Location: Norfolk Haldimand County, Ontario

Watch Andrew as he meets Anna and her heard of meat goats. They discuss daily routines on the farm as well as the goat meat market.

WEEK 5: Beischlag Chicken Farm
Location: Hagersville, Ontario

Watch Andrew as he meets Matt and his broiler chickens. They talk about climate control for the animals as well as what technology is used.

WEEK 6: Bowie Family Farm
Location: Alberta, Canada

Watch Andrew as he meets Greg and his purebred cattle. They discuss daily tasks to care for the animals and  the subject of beef sustainability.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Watch Andrew as he meets Roger and his Bison Farm. Andrew and Roger talk about the growing popularity of Bison steaks & burgers as well as what the day to day tasks include for caring for the animals.

Location: Parkhill, Ontario

Watch Andrew as he meets the McLachlan brothers and their maple syrup farm. Andrew learns about what it takes to make maple syrup and takes a tour of the facility.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Watch Andrew as he meets a family who milks cows for a living. Get a glimpse of the daily routine on a dairy farm as well what happens when one of the cows gets sick.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Watch Andrew as he meets Erik & Hayley who are first generation dairy goat farmers. Learn what the daily tasks are for goat farmers as well as what 'kidding' is.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Watch Andrew as he meets Aaron, Tom & Paul who are veal farmers. Learn how veal is raised as well as why these men chose to farm veal.

Location: Putnam, Ontario

Watch as Andrew meets Murray and Chantelle who grow mushrooms. Learn the growing cycle of mushrooms as well as how to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Location: Eastern Ontario

Watch Andrew as he meets Helen Anne and gets a tour of her family farm while learning about raising free-run pullets.


Location: Holstein, Ontario

Watch as Andrew meets Jay who is a 5th generation lamb farmer. Learn what it takes to operate their organization as well as what types of food lambs eat.


Location: Lambton Shores, Ontario

Watch as Andrew meets Jodi & Adrian and learn how veggies are custom grown in greenhouses.


Location: Stratford, Ontario

 At the Koskamp Family Farms, Henry & Inge are milking a herd of about a hundred water buffalo and raising other for meat.


Location: St Catherines

The Sikking families grow 40 million tulips for Canadian & American households, as well as hanging baskets, irises, daffodils, and more.


Ontario, Canada

For our farm tour this week, we head back into a greenhouse to find out what is takes to pick, process & pack the perfect pepper. We find out how often they might spray pesticides, why that green pepper you buy isn't really green, and what about farms that hire immigrant labour? There is no shortage of conversations with farmer Joe, so come on in and see for yourself!


WEEK 19: What's Inside A Pig Barn?
Lambton County, Ontario

It is the most widely consumed meat in the world and Canada is a leader in it. Producing some of the highest quality, pork is on forks around the world thanks to families like John's. He was nice enough to give us a tour from little piglet to finished hog, explaining every step of the way. 

Brantford, Ontario

At Brantwood Farms, asparagus has been harvest for over two decades. Today, Kara, along with her family, plant, grow, pick & sell that crop that is a tell tale sign of spring.


A night at the horse races can make for an entertaining evening. But have you ever thought of what goes into getting those horses ready? Beyond to hooking them up to the cart and trailering them to the race track, it takes time, training, and intuition.

Guelph, Ontario

In Ontario, plus dozens of states in the US, corn, soybeans & wheat are amongst the biggest crops. You've likely see the fields stretch across the horizon, but do you know what it takes to get the started and grow? We find farmer Greg in this week's video to see how he grows soybeans and to hear why he uses something called a 'seed treatment', something you may also know as a neonic that has created controversy in some areas.

London, Ontario

As we get into the month of June, the dream of fresh strawberries becomes a reality for many of us here in Ontario. At Heeman's, east of London, the berries are already ready for picking! So it is time to meet Will. Find out how they grow their berries, how it is possible to pick fresh berries in November (yes it is true!) and even mix the best of both of our worlds, dairy and berries, in a great milkshake.

The arial footage was provided by Will, since I was too chicken to fly my own drone that close to the London Airport (it is across the road)

You can find out more about Heeman's at their website:

Guelph, Ontario

Usually we think about turkey are Thanksgiving or Christmas time. But for Cameron and Anne Marie, they think about turkey all the time. They are turkey farmers who have just built a new barn, expanding their operation. Come inside to see what it takes to look after turkey, and figure out where their turkey is destined for (because it isn't as a whole bird on your dining table)

You can also find out more information about turkey farms at:

Southern Alberta

For our farm tour this week, we head to within sight of the Rocky Mountains, to a farm in Southern Alberta growing grain. Farmer Rod grows flax, peas, wheat & hemp, some of which is watered whenever it needs a drink. Come a see what it means to be an irrigated crop and hear from Rod as to how he manages the resource.

Southern Alberta

For this week's tour, we head back to Southern Alberta to find out what a feedlot or feedyard is when talking beef. Megan Kolk is going to give of the tour of her families beef farm that can hold as many as 10 000 beef animals, and employs several people from the community. Come and find out what they eat, what their environment looks like and why they don't eat grass here. 

You can also find more about how hormones are used in beef production from this website:

Dairy Farm

Andrew's weekly farm tour takes him to Holmdale Farms to visit with Todd. Todd is a 5th generation dairy farmer and uses more technology than I'm sure the first generation could ever imagine. He has robots to milk the cows and feed the cows.  He even has a robot to scrap up cow poop. Come into the barn with us and see what a modern dairy farm looks like that really uses all of the modern tools. We promise you won't be disappointed.


On our farm tour of the week we find a guy that knows a lot of farmers, and covers a lots of fields in a days work. While a farmer himself by night, during the day you'll find Dan working with other farmers who are growing all kinds of vegetables that you & I enjoy, including peas (which we'll see being harvested in this video).


A first for a farm tour series - we climb up and ride in some farm equipment that is driving for us! Dave is a grain farmer and while his crops are all planted and growing nicely, the work is far from over. We find him in a sprayer that is driving itself....Look out Tesla! We talk why farm machines drive themselves and why in the world he would want to spray a pesticide.


What's the difference between organic and non-organic eggs? Time to find out! We meet Greg, an organic egg farmer, who takes us inside his barn to show us a few of those difference, including space per bird and the feed they eat.


No sign of vampires on this farm tour! This week we meet the Van Raay family made of up Martin, Teresa, two of their children, and a whole lot of extra hands. They've grown grain and raised pigs for many years, but wanted to try something new. So three years they decided on garlic. Then last year they grew a little more. This year, they went all out investing in a new harvester and other processing equipment. Come inside to see how garlic is harvested, and how they get it ready to get to you

WEEK 32: Into the Flower Fields! - Dinner Starts Here
Elgin County

The centrepiece of the table can be just as important as the meal itself! That's why we have found Janis to help us set the table with some beautiful flowers. She started the flower side of her farm, and has grown it into a business that sells to markets like Covent Garden Market in London, Thomas Bros of Lambeth, Horton Farmers Market in St. Thomas and Debackere Market of Port Stanley as well as dozens of weddings throughout the spring, summer and fall. So come along for the tour to find out what she plans to do with the 20 000 sunflowers she'll grow as well as see dozens of others beautiful flowers at the Harris Flower Farm.

You can also find out more about Janis and her family at

WEEK 33: Family Fish Farming - Dinner Starts Here

When it comes to farmed fish, you'll find net pens in various parts of Canada including Atlantic Canada, Georgian Bay or British Columbia. But there is a step that comes first. Farmed fish need to be born, which is where families like Arlen's come in. She is a second generation fish farmer that breeds and raises rainbow trout. 6 million of them to be exact. Once they are big enough, they'll head up to Georgian Bay to be raised the rest of the way.

Find out how it all works, how they keep the water clean for the fish and before it heads back to the river, and all kinds of other things.

If we didn't answer your question though, check out the channel that Cedar Crest runs at:

WEEK 34: Watermelon Farming

Watermelon is one of those summer staples that go well with just about any warm afternoon. But there is a lot of work that goes into getting it to the grocery store for you to buy. Pete & his family are watermelon farmers, producing thousands that you can find in stores like Loblaws & Costco. It is a lot of work, and challenges like the weather can make it very difficult.

Come and see all that goes into watermelons, and what keeps Pete up at night as he tries to keep going.

WEEK 35: Growing Hop For Beer

For brothers Scott & Todd, hops are a new crop that can help diversify their farm from the corn and soybeans they already grow. So, on a few acres on the edge of the farm stands poles 18 feet high to help the hop plants grow to the sky before filling out with the oily cones that craft breweries are craving in the push to build a large craft beer industry. Come along and see just what goes into growing this niche crop, and where some of their hops are being used!

Week 36: Kelsey The Pumpkin Farmer
Location: Laurel Lea Farms

For Kelsey, farming is something she loves. But she also loves people. And apparently really love pumpkins. If you put them together, you've got a brand new pumpkin farmer at Laurel Lea Farms ready to take on an urban population that is transfixed with fall decorations, jack-o-lanterns, and wedding centerpieces. So Kelsey is taking full advantage. Once she gets done for the day at her full-time job, she comes home to look after the farm. Why does she do it? What does it take to grow pumpkins? (A lot more than just a seed and a prayer). All of it is in our farm tour video of the week.

Week 37: Carrot Farming Near Toronto
Location: Bill's Carrot Farm

All kinds of farmers are proud of what they do, but for Bill & Avia it seems to be even more than that. These carrot & onion farmers are part of the Holland Marsh, an area of Ontario that is known for its' highly productive land that grows huge amounts of vegetables for Canadians. Set between Toronto & Barrie along Hwy 400, we head into the fields to learn from Bill about what it takes to grow carrots and from Avia about how important the area is to the province's soup & salad bowl.

Week 38: Farming Family Fun
Location: Kustermans Berry Farm

What started as a blueberry farm has turned into so much more than that for Steve. At Kusterman Berry Farms you'll also find cannons, a maze, haunted barn, bouncing pillows, playgrounds and more. Take a tour on this farm known as agri-tainment, a place where the entire family can be entertained while getting to know a bit more about what farm life is like.

Week 39: Growing Ketchup Tomatoes
Location: Tomato Farm Near Leamington

Whenever you grab a bottle of ketchup or can of tomato juice, the main ingredient in both had to come from a farm first. In Canada, many of those farms are located in southern Ontario, including David's farm. Along with his brother, David grows grain, vegetables and beautiful red tomatoes that are destined for Heinz Tomato Juice or French's Ketchup. Come and see how they grow the tomatoes, and the fascinating machine they use to harvest them.

Week 40: Onions, Coloured Carrots & Candy Cane Beets!
Location: Holland Marsh

For Jason & his family, growing vegetables in the Holland Marsh near Toronto has been a tradition going back since the 1930s. Today, the equipment is bigger, the customers are different, but the commitment to quality is the same. Come on our farm tour this week to see onions basking in the sun, get some cooking tips for beets, and find out why eating a rainbow of coloured carrots is the way to go!

Week 41: Meet Some Apple Farmers
Location: Wilmot Orchards

The weather is starting to get cooler, the leaves changing, and the orchards bustling. It is no different for Courtney & Charles at their family apple farm! This daughter-father duo has thousands and thousands of apple trees and picking is in full swing. Come along to find out why Honeycrisp is the most common apple at Wilmot Orchards, what a hail cannon is and why apple farmers hope their apple trees last for more than 20 years in the orchard!

Week 42: Tree Farming in the GTA
Location: Kobes Nurseries

Whenever you buy a tree or shrub at a nursery, or drive through a new subdivision lined with young trees - you can think about the farmer that helped get them there. For Kobes Nurseries Inc., Ben, his family & team work for years in many cases, perfecting that young tree. Come along for a tour to see how they look after them, watch a tree get dug up, and what it takes to get a tree off to the best start.

Week 43: Combining Soybeans & Helping Farmers
Location: Brenair Farms

For Rick & Betty, helping those in need is something they take pride in. Which is why as the combine rolls through this soybean field, some of the money raised by selling the crop will end up in the hands of those that need is most. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is something Rick & Betty have been involved with for 8 years, and something we'll cover in this weeks video. We are also going to see a combine drive itself, make a map as a eats up the soybeans and figure out just how the combine gets from plant in to soybeans out.

Week 44: Sugar Beet Farmer
Location: Kent County

For Leon, sugar-beets is something they've been growing for a number of years now. The crop, which heads straight to Michigan to be turned into the sugar you'd add to your coffee or your cookie recipe, is one that requires a lot of specialized equipment. See how they harvest these sugar-beets, and find out all the other things it takes to look after the crop throughout the year, along with all the advancements in technology, all in the name of higher quality.

Week 45: Beef Farming & The Royal
Location: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Whether it is The Royal in Toronto, Agribition in Regina, or Farmfair in Edmonton, there are a lot of opportunities for farmers to bring their livestock into urban environments. It also gives a chance for those living in the city to meet some farmers. For Matt and his family, they have been taking cattle to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto for many years. Partly to show them off, partly to meet up with friends, partly as their family time. Meet Matt and some of his cows and learn why he does it and what the heck they walk around in a circle for during a show.

Week 46: Organic Grain Farming
Location: Mount Brydges

What do you think of when you think of an organic farmer? How is it different from non-organic? It is time to meet Darryl, a grain farmer that grows both organic & non-organic crops, but we chat the most about his organic operation as he harvests a field of organic corn. What is different & why do it are two of the many questions we ask in our latest farm tour.

Week 47: Saskatoon Berries
Location: Saskatoon

The Berry Barn may have started as a simple berry farm, but has grown into so much more. For the Erlandson's, they kept pushing the envelope a little more each year. Berries into baked good, or U-pick into a Christmas tour. It all is part of the families commitment to keep employees satisfied by giving them full time work, rather than just a seasonal job. Come to The Berry Barn on our tour this week to find out just what Saskatoon Berries are, what it takes to look after them, and why just a few weeks before Christmas this berry farm is still a busy destination.

Week 48: Farming on the Rock
Location: St. John's, Newfoundland

Every farmer in every part of the world faces unique challenges. Some face heat. Some face too much or too little rain. For farmers in Newfoundland & Labrador, challenges like cool weather, lots of rain & even more rock are all part of a day. For Rebecca, her farm is also with the city of St. John's, meaning close neighbours is also something she faces. But all the challenges don't slow her down. Find out all about farming in Newfoundland & Labrador in the latest farm tour.

Week 49: Grain Farming Over 10K Acres
Location: Lambton County

For Karl, riding in the combine at this time of year caps off a busy year. He's been running around the county of Lambton with the rest of the farm team planting, caring and harvesting thousands of acres of crops. Of course, with those miles on farm equipment, road safety is a conversation that has to come up when it comes to driving around big, bulky and slow equipment. Plus, see five combines in action along with five grain buggies to help get the crop off.

Week 50: Egg Nog Farming
Location: Sheldon Creek Dairy

For the den Haan family, dairy farming has been a way of life for a long time. But then in 2012, the farm changed. Instead of having all of their milk shipped to another processor, they started processing their own whole milk and chocolate milk. And then they added yogurt, and strawberry milk, and egg nog and more. Come along for a farm tour to find out what goes into making dairy products right on the farm.